Girl Finally Met The Doctor Who Saved Her Life For Free When She Was Only A Baby.

This girl finally met the person who saved her life when she was a baby.

There a lot of inspiring stories circulating on the internet that made us realize and learn lessons from it. Their stories became our daily bread, something we look up and an ounce of inspiration to be courageous and determined in life. With that being said, a story of a girl finally met the doctor who saved her life for free when she was only a baby.

One Twitter user name Arabelle Garciano shared a photo of herself and the doctor who saved her life. When she was a sick baby and her mother had no money for her medication, one kind doctor from Cebu offered to help them for free.

“17, years ago, a sickly baby needed an operation because she has a cyst on her chest. The mother only has P40 in her wallet. But this doctor operated the child. For free.”

The doctor was identified as Dr. Maribel Du, a pediatric surgeon from University of Cebu Medical Center. Her kindness bare fruit to a fine lady who is motivated to do good toward others also.

“And that is why I need to become a doctor. I need to share the same kindness I was lucky enough to receive.”

Arabelle is now a senior high school student at the Tagbilaran City High School. Though becoming a doctor is a long way and not easy, she is determined because Dr. Du had motivated her to strive hard to achieve that dream.

The post earned 8,379 retweets and 36,968 likes as of writing.

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