Man On Horse Went To Jollibee For A Drive Thru.

This man on horse went to Jollibee for a drive-thru.

It has been two years since one elderly man took his grandchildren to a famous fast-food chain while riding on his carabao went viral on the internet. The vehicle was a cart pulled by a water buffalo or called as a carabao in the Philippines. Another man recently made all laughed as he went to a drive-thru while riding on a horse.

The photo of this man on horse went to Jollibee for a drive thru was shared by a netizen named Jennifer Rivera on social media. Jennifer works as a cashier at the a Jollibee outlet in Valencia, Bukidnon.

Before, people used different types of vehicles in a drive-thru such as cars, motorcycles, and jeeps. Now, they used animals such as a carabao or horse as a mode of transport in a drive-thru. Amazing right?

Some netizens even joked that this man on a horse is a wealthy haciendero who is strolling in the city. While many people got amused, some raised their eyebrows and said that this person was looking for just attention.

There’s a lot of things in our surrounding that are just waiting to be seen and waited for our attention. We may not see this as often as every day, but still, it gives us a smile and laughter every time we see such.

The post earned 5.4K reactions, 1.4K comments, and 10K shares. Just like what the Philippine tag line said, “It’s More Fun In The Philippine.”

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