Floyd Mayweather Got Starstruck Upon Seeing Manny Pacquiao In A NBA Basketball Game.

The country is celebrating for the victory of Manny Pacquiao aganist Adrien Broner for the WBA (Regular) welterweight championship by unanimous decision last January 19 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Manny Pacquiao was able to maintained his champion belt against Broner and earned so much praised from his fans and people around the world.

After the fight Pacquiao said he was willing to fight Floyd Mayweather.

“Tell him to come back to the ring, and we will fight,” Pacquiao said.

“I’m willing to fight again to Floyd Mayweather if he’s willing to come back in boxing.”

However, Mayweather declined to respond.

After the boxing game, Manny pacquiao watched the game between Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers. Accidentally, the 40-year-old boxer met Floyd Mayweather Jr. during the basketball games. Manny tapped Mayweather’s shoulder while walking along the sidelines. The approached each other with a laugh and Pacquiao went on his way.

The video was uploaded in the Facebook page “Paperbug TV” where it can be seen loyd Mayweather’s star struck reaction upon meeting Pacquiao. On the comment section of the post, one netizen named Mikoy Mikoy even said that the two probably got a hidden agenda before Manny’s fight against Broner and the two are business partners, not an enemy as we see them.

“It looked like these two had a hidden agenda before the broner pacman fight… Mayweather was like “i told you to accept the broner pacman fight, becuase you can beat him easily, and then you can make your way back to las vegas… When we have our rematch, this is gonna be truck loads of cash again…” For us, we think they’re enemies… But to them, they’re just thier business partners…”

Watch the video below:

PacMay Rematch

Go get yourself a guy/girl that would look at you the same way Mayweather looks at Pacquiao.

Posted by PaperbugTV on Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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