Former Licensed Teacher Who Became A Street Scavenger Amazes Everyone With His Science Skills.

This former licensed teacher who became a street scavenger amazes everyone with his science skills.

Meet Tatay Alfredo Manuel. He is a former licensed teacher who turned into a “basurero” or a street scavenger, collecting old newspapers and plastic bottles to makes ends meet. Despite his aging body, he’s still eager to learn more about science and in fact, he amazed people on the streets because of his knowledge.

One Facebook user named Andrew Pamorada shared the plight of Tatay Alfredo who could be seen in the streets of Taft Avenue, Pedro Gil Area, and around De La Salle University Agno and Castro Area, in Manila. According to Pamorada, he found a book of the scientific name of plants and it would be an amazing gift for him too.

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Back in the Taft area today. I was looking for Tatay Alfredo and found him near Quirino to give him this book!

It’s a book that I saw and bought sa Booksale sa Iligan. He’s the first person that came to mind when I saw the book and I knew he would really love it, so I bought it immediately. It’s all about flowers and includes the flower’s scientific names which he loves to memorize.

He was very happy and even said “75 years ko na hinahanap yang libro na yan, mahal nga niyan eh, 800 pesos sa National Bookstore noong araw.”

“Tapos he shared to me a ‘technique’, “Babasahin ko yang libro tapos magmememorize ulit ako kasi nakakalimutan ko rin yung iba. Ako matagal na ako natapos magturo noon, pero nagbabasa pa rin ako hanggang ngayon. Kailangan continuous yung pagbabasa everyday para marami tayo matutunan.”

PS. Oh, he’s even looking for someone and wants to challenge him/her for a contest of scientific names of plants, hahaha! oh who’s up for the challenge? :))

Tatay Alfredo was so happy and glad upon receiving the book. The former licensed teacher also revealed that he wanted to buy this kind of book but it’s too expensive and he has no money to buy it.

Back in the day when he was still working as a janitor in an elementary school, Tatay Alfredo faces many struggles and difficulties just to earn a degree in college. He used his hard-earned money to support his studies.

Because of his determination, he was able to finish his College in the University of the East with a Bachelor degree in Education. He also passed the civil service exam and the Licensure Exam for Teachers in the year 1992. Sadly, no school accepted him due to a pending theft case from the past school he had worked.

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