Man Bought Ukay-Ukay And Found A Wallet Full Of Cash

This man bought ukay-ukay and found out a wallet full of cash.

Recently, one lucky Malaysian guy went viral on social media after buying a bundle of ukay-ukay for a cheap price and found a wallet full of cash inside one of the clothing items.

He was identified as Wan Mohamad Adam Wan Mohamed, a 29-year-old would be businessman who is planning to open up his own ukay-ukay shop in Kampung Tualang Salak, Kelantan in Malaysia. Upon learning that this kind of business has a lot of money to offer, Mohamed decided to open up a thrift shop and went to a warehouse to buy bundles of clothes to for his store.

He then took home two bundles of clothes that only costs RM 100 ($24). He sorted out everything in his store and arrange it. But while going through the clothes, he found a wallet in one of the shorts filled with cash! What a lucky guy!

On his post, Mohamed said:

“I was shocked to see so much cash in it and after counting the money, I took some pictures and uploaded it on Facebook at 9.20pm,”

“I’ve changed 450,000 yen into local currency (approx. RM16,800 or $4,150) and the rest will be kept as a memory. I will use the money to expand my business in the future.”

This makes a lot of netizens get envious and decided to go to ukay-ukay shops buy found nothing big. Some even suggested that he should look for the owner because the money was too big and the owner might be old and forgetful who discarded the shorts.

In the Philippines, ukay-ukay is quite popular because aside from being cheap, most clothes are branded and in high quality.

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