Young Student Sells Balut, Chicharon, And Other Goods To Support His Studies!

This young student sells balut, chicharon and other goods to support his studies.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray once said that working in some of the poorest areas in the Philippines, she found that it was lack of support and not poverty that hinders a child’s dream. This statement is indeed true and children are the main victims of this issue.

Sadly, many children are robbed of good education in the country that leads into a shattered and unfortunate future. It may sounds cliche but poverty is not really a problem in achieving one’s dream. All you need is faith in God, coupled it with determination and consistency.

With that being said, one young student sells balut, chicharon and other goods to support his studies. He is a Jonel Tejedo, BS Hospitality Management student at the University of the Cordilleras in Baguio, Philippines.

Like most of us, he’s born in a poor family but his determination to finish his studies keeps him going. Despite not being born with a silver spoon, he is more than willing to do anything to finish his studies and get a better chance in life.

A few months ago, Jonel received financial assistance from netizens to buy his uniform for his course. He again made rounds on social media as one Facebook user named Maria Michelle Awing-tauli shared his photo.

Maria Michelle wrote as a caption:

“Was so speechless when i saw him coming down the stairs. I really admire him. Despite his condition, he manages to sacrifice and earn by doing this. May the young generation imitate his perseverance.. He came from school and need to roam around to sell balot pugo and chicharon. The road may be long and bumpy but success is still at the end of the line.”

We agree on those people who wish Jonel a brighter future and success. We know Jonel will finish his studies and achieve his dreams someday.

Kudos to you Jonel!

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