This Fish Is Mistaken For The Goldfish Princess Ponyo On The Animated Film “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea.”

This fish is mistaken for a goldfish Princess Ponyo.

If you are familiar with the animated film “Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea,” you will definitely know who Princess Ponyo is. This film is of Hayao Miyazaki’s animated films which features a magical story of a goldfish princess named Ponyo.

The story is purely fictional but apparently, a kind of fish that looks exactly the goldfish princess Ponyo actually exist.

This type of fish is called Balloon Lumpfish, also known as lumpsuckers. An adorable video of this almost spherical and tiny fish irritating his bigger friends by resting on their heads was shared by Otaru Aquarium in Hokkaido, Japan in Twitter.

The adhesive fins of Balloon lumpfish helps them stick on any surfaces underwater. This type of characteristic allows the fish to defend themselves against strong current or enemies. But unlike any other fishes, ballon lumpfish are relatively poor swimmers.

Balloon lumpfish are found in cold waters, such as that of the Arctic, North Atlantic and North Pacific Oceans. They can be found mostly at depths of up to 232 meters, and can grow up to 20cm long. The water in their habitat is kept at a low 12 degrees Celsius which is similar to their native waters. They can’t be easily found in the aquariums because their natural habitat requires a high level of maintenance.

This species is also an important part of Icelandic cuisine. The males are considered a delicacy, while the females are prized for their eggs as their flesh tastes bad. In Danish cuisine, Lumpfish roe is used as budget caviar.

Watch the video below:


身為魚卻不擅游泳的「太平洋塔氏刺獅子魚」(Balloon Lumpfish)外表完全就是波妞啊!!twitter @doshinweb每天分享有趣情報 ➩ 讚好 Addoil – Gif動画日和#崖上的波妞 #崖の上のポニョ #PonyoOnTheCliff

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