Girlfriend Wants To Leave Her Boyfriend Because He Is Poor, Then Showed Her What Money Couldn’t Buy

This girlfriend wants to leave her boyfriend because he is poor, then showed her what money couldn’t buy.

Nowadays, financial stability is a standard before entering a relationship. Our society has an unfair concept of love and we people tend to lose the true meaning of love. With that in mind, one girlfriend wants to leave her boyfriend because he is poor so he showed what money couldn’t buy.

Recently, one netizen named David shared a tear-jerking story about his former girlfriend whom he thought would accept him as he was but turned out that her love has a price.

David narrated that before, her girlfriend was just simple when they first met and they seldom got into a fight. However, his ex-lover became more materialistic as their relationship progressed. She didn’t want to eat at the roadside stalls when in fact, they just eat their meals before.

Their relationship was all about love and it did not require any material or money at all. David came into a wealthy family but his humble upbringing shapes him to be a good person. He enjoyed earning on his own from his average job.

But a few months after, his former girlfriend started to change and started arguing. Later, they started fighting and the woman decided to call their relationship quits.

“Why do other men give their girlfriend expensive smartphones, branded handbags and clothing and why all do you give meals at roadside stalls and night market goods?”

“Wouldn’t it be a roadside stall again? What’s delicious about it?” she said.

Then David asked to eat one last meal with him but the girl was reluctant. When the day of their last meal came, David came to pick her in a BMW car. The girl was shocked. He then picked her up and drove to his house.

Arriving at their mansion, servant were lining up to greet him as they walked toward the dining room. David then introduced her to his parents.

“Dad, Mom, this is my best girl friend.”

Hearing the word friend, the girl still managed to smile. Though they seem enjoying their meal, the face of the girl shows how sorry she is for breaking up with the man. After the meal, David took her home and the ex-girlfriend said:

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know…”

“It doesn’t matter. I can’t give you the life that you want,” he replied.

We hope that their story teaches us to value love more than anything else in the world. For material things fades away and moth destroys it but love stays forever.

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