Acid Attack Survivors Found A Women’s Group Cafe In India!

This eradicates the discrimination and lifts up compassion to acid attack survivors.

Reports show that there are 1,500 cases of acid attacks around the world each year, yet growing and there are still many unreported cases. Most victims are women who refuse to follow man’s wishes. It often occurs as revenge against a woman who rejects a proposal of marriage or intimacy in bed. This is also an effect of gender inequality and women’s position in society, as men play a significant role in these types of attacks.

Acid attack survivors permanently got a morphed to shapeless figures which still made them lucky because there are cases where victims lose their lives after the incident. Acid attacks are excruciating and leave a scar for life, both physical and emotional, and suffering a great deal of psychological trauma.

This is common to South Asian countries and India is considered as the home of the world’s acid attacks. Thankfully, there are movements that help victims and aim to put an end to these vicious and heinous crimes.

There is a group of women in the city of Agra in India who fights against this cruel phenomena. It is a cafe called Sheroes’ Hangout, a place where women and girls who were affected by acid abuse can gather, learn, and receive support from each other.

According to Inspire Pinas, aside from a cafe for food and beverages, this place is also a sort of an information hub with a library and a community radio. They also create space for activism workshops and a gallery where women can display their work, usually in the form of visual art.

The group also hold events and welcome music artists, especially those who showcase community issues and how they can help. During the events, few of the survivor women are given the opportunity to share their personal stories and their plight and spreading awareness at the same time.

Watch the video below:

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