Dog Became Emotional When His Owner Said He Will Be Replaced, But Received Gift And A GF.

This dog became emotional when his owner said that he will be replaced.

Recently, one “emotional” dog went viral on social media when his owner teased him saying he will be replaced by another dog whom they will take care. According to the video shared by one Facebook user named Ritchie Fabella Carreon, the dog became emotional when his owner said that he will be replaced.

The dog named Prince was lying in bed when his owner said those words. Ritchie joked that he doesn’t liek him anymore and he will be replaced by a husky because he wants a stateside dog from other country. Because of what Ritchie said, Prince squeezed himself to his owner. The dog can be seen lying on his owner’s chest when Ritchie acted like he’s rejecting Prince.

“Gusto ko ng magandang aso. Ayoko na sa ’yo. Talaga! ‘Yung maganda, ‘yung husky. Gusto ko ‘yung malaking-malaking husky tsaka iba ‘yung mata. Gusto ko ‘yung stateside. Oo, galing ibang bansa. Talaga kukuha ako. Ayoko na sa ‘yo. Talaga, ayoko na talaga sa ‘yo. Dun ka na. ayoko na,” said Ritchie while he’s trying to avoid the dog.

At this moment, Prince seemed sobbing and force himself to his owner’s chest while continuing his joke.

“Oo, gusto ko ‘yung kumikinang ‘yung mata n’ya ‘pag gabi tsaka matalino. Gusto ko ‘yun. Oo, ayoko na. Hahanap ako ng iba,” Ritchie said.

At the end, Ritchie asked Prince if he doesn’t want to be replaced with another dog and sang.

“Ayaw mo? Ikaw lang talaga?”

“Ang baby love, baby love, baby love,” he sang.

Moreover, there are people who send a gift to Prince and also gave him a girlfriend or playmate. As of the moment, the post earned 305K reactions, 260K shares, and 7.3M views. Dogs are considered as “man’s best friend” and pooches can offer more than that.

Watch the video below:

Mag hananap ako ung echetchayt na aso hahahahahah

Posted by RItche Fabella Carreon on Thursday, January 3, 2019

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