Filipina Housemaid Hailed As UAE’s Best Nanny, Received One Million Pesos As Prize.

This Filipina housemaid hailed as UAE’s Best Nanny received one million pesos as a prize.

After Rosie Villa and her husband separated, she decided to look for a job abroad to support her child and give her a comfortable life. For 17 years, she worked as an OFW in United Aram Emirates (UAE). Her Christmas this year will probably be the best Christmas ever as she goes home with Php 1 million in her bank account as she was chosen as UAE’s Best Nanny.

The Filipina housemaid hailed as UAE’s Best Nanny is the 39-year-old OFW who was so grateful for winning the award the prize. She said that she was so lucky because she really needs the money for her daughter’s education and parent’s support back home.

Rosie’s 17-year-old daughter is about to start college and she plans to take up BS Accountancy, a 4-year course. Aside from that, she sends most of the money to her siblings who are taking care of their parents, both of whom are bedridden. Currently, she earns Dh2,800 (Php40,000).

She is so happy that she won the prize because now, she can assure her daughter’s education and also help her parents. Part of the reward will also be used in building a house for her and her daughter, she said.

“This money is a big support just at the time I needed it the most. Firstly, my daughter is about to start her college and this will secure her college fee,” Rosie shared.

“Secondly, my employer helped me set up a small grocery store in the Philippines for which I have to repay the loan. And lastly, I will use it to build a house for me and my daughter so that I can spend some quality time with her and give her back all the time I couldn’t be with her.”

In April 2019, Rosie will be completing 6 years with her current employers, Agustina Rastelli and Andrew Wojecki, who were very supportive during the contest.

Despite being a single mom, she was able to closely monitor and raise her daughter with the help of her siblings. Thanking her employers, she said.

“It is my employers’ support and trust that has given me this opportunity to secure this. They have stood by me at all times. And I am grateful to the rise team for this gift of a lifetime.”

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