Photo Of This 14-Year-Old Boy Feeding Stray Cats Shows A Small Act Of Kindness!

This 14-year-old boy feeding stray cats touched the hearts of many, showing that kindness is not due to specifics but for everyone, even animals.

Social media is full of incredible stories of people having a good time with their pets. Animals became so close to people and people also became close to animals. However, not all of us are showing the same intensity of love towards these animals. We became so self-important to forget that these creatures are created for us for a purpose and one of that is companionship.

Recently, the photos of this 14-year-old boy feeding stray cats went viral online. Shared on the Facebook page, love cats, FB user Jason Bautista shared some photos of the beautiful scene that he witnessed.

“We saw this 14-year-old boy Julius, feeding stray cats at the bay area,” he wrote.

Jason found out that Julius, the cat lover, does this small act of kindness to these cute cats on a regular basis, morning and afternoon, at the bay.

“He said he comes here twice daily, morning and afternoon,” Jason shared.

Julius was so affectionate towards these beautiful creatures. As a matter of fact, he takes care 30 other cats at home. Jason salute Julius for having such amazing dedication and compassion to these cats.

As of writing, the post earned 11K reactions, 480 comments, and 6.7K shares.

Let’s remind ourselves that no kindness, small or big, is wasted. It is all seen and remembered by God and will reward us in due season. Let’s show radical kindness to everyone, even to animals.

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