Filipino Engineer Won The International Contest By Using Bamboo He Called “Cubo.”

This Filipino Engineer makes all Filipinos proud!

Filipinos are naturally good and creative in all fields. In fact, there are so many inventions Filipino have that are known and something to be proud of. But sadly, these inventions are overlooked and neglected by the government and foreigners get the idea and creation instead.

Determination is a natural trait of Filipinos that made them rise beyond the storm. Though some of the capabilities are rejected, we still don’t stop innovating and creating, coming up with something worthy.

Recently, one Filipino Engineer made the country proud as he won an international competition by using bamboo to create his masterpiece whom he called “Cubo.” This Filipino Engineer named Earl Patrick Forlale who graduated from Ateneo De Manila won the RICS Cities for our Future grand prize.

Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) Cities for our Future is committed to leading the solution to the major challenges facing the built environment through professional expertise, as well as introducing RICS to a future generation of surveyors, engineers, and built environment professionals, and inspiring them to take an active part in changing the world, stated on their website.

His Cubo is described as a low-cost house building proposal aimed at overcoming the growing slum population in Manila. Because of poverty in the Philippines, not all families can afford to buy or owning a house, even a small one. But with Cubo, it will overcome the poorly serviced, low-quality housing in Manila by using cheaper materials.

The country is a good source of Bamboo and the construction of a dignified and well-sized home is only within 4 hours. According to RICS:

“CUBO can easily be applied in areas across South East Asia, LATAM and Africa, and based on current forecasts would be able to be rented for ÂŁ0.20 per day, which means each unit would turn a profit within 5.1 years. The cost of ÂŁ0.20 per day also represents a significant saving over existing alternatives available in Manila, and makes the unit affordable for even the city’s lowest paid workers.”

Will Kennedy, Earl’s mentor and the Managing Director South East Asia, WT Partners said:

“Earl’s proposal for a low cost housing solution to improve the lives of workers in the Philippines has significant potential application in all emerging markets. It is a well-considered and feasible solution, incorporating sustainable and environmental initiatives, together with improvements that have been developed into a robust business case worthy of consideration. Earl has articulated a clear vision about investing the proceeds from this challenge to realise the potential of his proposal to help address a very significant and common problem in expanding cities.”

The journey wasn’t easy for Earl because there are different countries competing to win the prize. There are 12 entries and Earl is the South East Asia Regional Winner. The competition was judged by 6 renowned experts in the world and Earl was declared the winner.

“CUBO started as nothing more than an idea, conceived while spending time at my grandparent’s house – it is incredible to think that it now will become a reality. I would like to thank RICS for the opportunity to develop the idea and look forward to working with them to put this money to good use in Manila, and then hopefully elsewhere around the world,” Earl said.

He won Php3.3 million and received an opportunity to work with RICS experts and industry professional in the following years. Earl’s Cubo will be a great help for the country.

Watch the video below:

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