Russian Couple Adopted An Abandoned Bear Cub And They’re Still Living Together After 25 Years.

This Russian couple adopted an abandoned bear cub and after 25 longs years, they still together like family.

Would you consider having a bear pet? I don’t think so! Bears have this image of being fierce, dangerous, and aggressive especially to anybody that pisses them off. They’re known to live in the wild, always have an eye to their prey and with their powerful claws, it can tear you to pieces.

All of us will probably choose dogs, cats or rabbit as pets rather than bears. But to this Russian couple, it seems not impossible to live with a bear under the same roof.

This Russian couple adopted an abandoned bear cub years ago named Svetlana and Yuriy Panteleenko from Moscow, Russia. 25 years ago, they adopted a 3-month-old orphaned bear cub who lost his mother to hunters and was found in the forest in a very bad condition, clawing his way to life. The Panteleenkos then decided to give him a home.

To keep the bear with them, they need to finish a course on animal training to be allowed by the Russian authorities. The bear cub, whom they named Stepan, is now standing 2.1 meters tall, weighs about 136 kilograms, and eats 25 kilograms of fish, vegetables, and fruit daily.

He is still that very gentle and giving bear hugs like before, said the couple. Stepan is also a helping hand of the couple, helping them around the house by watering the plants, and he loves watching TV with his humans.

“He absolutely loves people and is a really sociable bear – despite what people might think, he is not aggressive at all,” said Mrs. Panteleenko. “We have never been bitten by Stepan.”

What even makes it cuter is he also keeps himself busy with acting in films, posing for photo shoots, and using his celebrity status to promote anti-hunting campaigns. Stepan has already modeled with Russian model Maria Sidorova.

A real teddy bear!

🐻Stepan the Bear🐻

Having a 400 lb roommate is great, except I never seem to have any honey for my tea.🐻💖🐻Music: Adam Selzer Works

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