Chinese Father Offers $180M To Any Man That Will Marry His Daughter

This Chinese father is so desperate for his daughter to marry so he finds his way to make it fast.

Parents wish nothing but the best for their children, especially for the person whom their children will spend their life with. We can’t blame if our parents are strict and over-protective, thus, securing our future and guide us not to take the wrong path in life.

But one Chinese father recently made rounds on social media after offering a lot of money to any man who will marry his daughter.

The Chinese father and businessman named Cecil Chai gone too desperate looking for a man who will accept and marry his daughter Gigi. Initially, Chai offered $60 million to any man who will marry Gigi prompting over 20,000 suitors to capture the heart of the lady.

However, the Chinese father failed to find the right husband for his daughter, thus, raising the amount to $120 million.

In 2012, his daughter Gigi is already married to its lesbian wife Sean Eav whom he opposed. She wrote an open letter for his father saying:

“As your daughter, I would want nothing more than to make you happy. But in terms of relationships, your expectations of me and the reality of who I am, are not coherent.”

Despite misunderstanding which is common to the couple, Gigi and Sean are happily married now.

Love couldn’t be forced on someone or else, it will end up on the worst scenario. It should be pure and mutual, not something arranges or earned because of money.

On Gigi’s case, we understand that his father only wants her to have the “right” marriage and love. Loving the opposite sex which is biblically correct and lawful.

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