Legal Wife Got Close With The Husband’s Mistress, Living Under One Roof.

Because of living together in one house, this legal wife got close with the husband’s mistress. If you are in their shoes, are you in favor of this setup?

Nowadays, infidelity is very rampant and the main victims are married couples. But is it fitting to call someone involved in cheating a victim? Unfaithfulness is not something you get involved without knowing. The two persons, even more, involved in this illicit act are aware that what they’re doing is wrong and unlawful.

But recently, a family from Butuan, Agusan Del Norte went viral on the internet after the story of legal wife got close with the husband’s mistress was featured on KMJS. The story revolved on the guy named Junior Boligor, his wife Tess and his mistress, Gena. Their

The legal wife said that she decided to let her husband’s mistress live with them because of the fear of not seeing his husband again. Three of them live under on roof with Tess and Junior’s children.

According to Junior, he both love them and can’t afford to lose one of them. Their set up was, the two wives prepares food, eat together and they also work on the farm together. When it comes to sleep, Junior slept with Gena and Tess with her children.

Gena and Junior first met when she rode on Junior’s “habal-habal.’ They didn’t expect that something romantic will blossom and they both fell in love with each other. But Gena didn’t know that Junior is a married man and has children.

Two years after, Gena’s cousin informed her that Junior is a married man with children, the same person who told Tess about her husband’s mistress. Heartbroken on the revelation, Gena decided to go away.

Junior look for her and Tess also convinced her to go home. Junior and Gena live together. But nine months later, Tess and her children missed the patriarch of the family so she asked to go home along with Gena.

Tess ate her anger and pain out because she really loves her husband and can’t afford to lose him. Though Tess can file a case against them, she didn’t take the chance and just accepted the reality that she’s not the only woman on Junior’s life. Living together for a long time, Gena and Tess developed friendship and became close to each other.

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