Young Boy Cried While Carrying His Baby Sibling After Allegedly Abandoned By His Mother.

It is heartbreaking to see this young boy cried while carrying his baby siblings after allegedly abandoned by his mother.

Nowadays, child abandonment is very rampant. While other parents make sure that their children could have a comfortable and well-provided life, there are some parents who can afford to leave their children behind on the streets. We understand the reason why they committed such a thing but it is not the solution.

Recently, one netizen called the attention of the irresponsible parents who allegedly abandoned their children at a fast food restaurant. The young boy cried while carrying his baby sibling because his mother didn’t return yet after they left them to buy something.

Facebook user Myleen DelosReyes De Villar decided to help to find the parents of these abandoned children. On her post, she wrote the story of the abandoned children and has immediately caught so much attention on social media.

The netizen said that she noticed the two children sitting outside their store. But after several hours, they’ve decided to approach the kids and have asked them about their guardian. They discovered that these two were already there at 6:00 AM as they wait for their mom to come back because she’ll look for an umbrella. But sadly, she didn’t come back.

The staff of the famous fast-food restaurant asked about their address. The young boy cried while carrying his baby sibling saying that they live in Tondo and they want to go home. However, they don’t know how to go home so Myleen decided to use her social media to find the parents of these two children.

Upon posting their plight, many netizens expressed their anger and was also alarmed with the situation of the two children. Many criticized the unknown parents saying that they’re so irresponsible with their duties.

Let’s share this post in hopes that we will help find the parents of these two children or find the right persons that could help them with their situation.

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