This Cockatoo was abandoned by its owner until he met the woman who rescued him.

This Cockatoo was replaced by a dog because its owner didn’t like him.

Animals are so dear to human beings. There are several animals that created a close bond with humans, treating them more than just a pet or animal. People bring animals into their lives regardless of what it may require them. They are willing to give their precious time, effort, even to spend so much amount of money just to have them.

While other animals like dogs and cats have 15-20 year commitment with their owners, parrots like Cockatoo can live even longer. Parrots as very sensitive creatures with an impressive life span.

There are parents who don’t want their pets to mingle with their baby. They don’t trust their animals around their child that’s why they re-home their animals. But for this particular Cockatoo, his owners replaced him with a new pet because they simply don’t like him.

One Goffin’s Cockatoo named Cookie was doing okay until his owners got a new dog. The pooch apparently doesn’t like Cookie so the owner decided to put him somewhere else. Instead of putting him in another room and trained the dog of its bad habits, they put the Cockatoo in the basement.

The basement where the Cockatoo was placed was dark, no windows, and Cookie had no interaction. Thankfully, animal lover Yazhi Yung from Canada found out about the parrot’s plight and took him in. She has several other parrots and various other critters, and was able to give him the time, space, and care that he needed to recover and really come into his own.

“To be honest, I don’t know if he thinks he’s a bird,” she told The Dodo. But he wasn’t always as happy and chatty as he is now. “His previous owner got a dog. The dog didn’t like Cookie.”

“So they just decided to put Cookie in the basement. He was in a cage — no toys, no nutrition, without lights, and without windows. It was sad. He didn’t get to choose.”

“With me, he could have a happier life and a healthier life.”

The Cockatoo had to undergo a lot of work and the process was slow.

“At first he was shy,” Yazhi continued.

“He was super quiet. He didn’t care about me at first.”

“He was so scared of everything. He’d just stay in the corner. He used to bite a lot. People are like, ‘Why do you keep him?’”

“I just knew I had to give him more time. I just let him walk around and be free in the house. After a year, he started to be more curious about everything. I love to give him opportunities to see things and try things.”

“One day, he started to come near me, and I started to give him food. I think that was the moment when he started to trust again.”

Now, Cookie can’t afford to lose her out of his sight so he follows Yazhi everywhere like a dog.

“He simply loves to just stay with me all the time.”

“When I talk on the phone, he won’t stop talking.”

Watch the video below:

Rescue Cockatoo Loves Sunbathing and Dancing With Mom

This rescued cockatoo loves sunbathing and dancing with his mom 👯❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, October 22, 2018

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