Rare Black Apples Peaks In Popularity Than Other Variety Of Apples.

Don’t be afraid to take a bite in this rare black apple!

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” This is a mantra for most parents who wanted their children away from any sickness. But will you eat this kind of apple that looks so suspicious because of its color? I don’t think so!

Just like any other fruits, apples also have a variety of types, sizes, and even colors. Typical colors of apples are red and green which are available in local markets and supermarkets. But a new variety of apple recently caught the attention of many.

Black apples are considered unique and rare because they are planted in the highlands at the altitude of 3500 meters above sea level. Just like other variety of apples, black apples are a significant source of minerals and microorganisms. But what makes it different from the rest is, it much tastier.

Black apples are also called scorpion fruit. Black apples do not need fertilization. They have resistance to cold and have a natural defense against parasites and insects. Black apples are native to New Zealand. It is now introduced to China, planted at Tibet Nyingchi.

Because of their crispy texture and sweet taste, people love them. It is rich in glucose than other varieties of apples. Black apples grow best at a low temperature which makes their growth rate also slow. An average apple matures in 2-3 years and the longest is 5 years. But for black apples, its maturity takes 8 long years or even more.

Black apples are not the first choice among the general public to consume because of its exclusivity and high price. Because of limited stock, China decided to manufacture black apples into exclusive gift boxes in the high-end market. Thus, customers who want to but they should make an order in advance.

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