Family Who Prayed Fervently Eat Dinner For Free In A Restaurant.

This family who prayed fervently proves that there’s a real power in prayer.

In the Philippines, eating together is one of the important cultures. If the family eats together, they have time to bond with each other. But there is another tradition before eating, that is to pray. With that in mind, a particular family who prayed fervently eats dinner for free in a restaurant, proving that there’s a real power in prayer.

One Facebook recently shared an inspiring story of a family who prayed fervently and received an unexpected blessing. According to the post of Karl Alain Arante, they are so grateful for the goodness of God in their life. On his post, he narrated what happens in the restaurant where they eat dinner.

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He said that they went to a restaurant with her wife and mother. They spent so much time in choosing in the menu because they want to save and eat for only 500 pesos. After they chose and ordered food, they prayed before they eat, led by his wife.

While they were eating, he noticed a foreigner paying in the cashier. He’s wondering why the foreigner went to cashier to pay if they can just give it to the waiter.

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After they eat, his mother asked for the bill, amounted to Php 3000. But to their surprise, the cashier whispered to them saying that the foreigner paid what they ordered. The mother immediately explained, “Thank You, Lord.” The foreigners even left a letter saying, “Thank you for not being ashamed of your faith”.

They were greatly thankful to the foreigners because of the unexpected blessing they received that night.

Their story only proves that God does wondrous and unexpected blessings in our lives. God doesn’t even think of stopping to bless his beloved children. And the most important lesson we can get in this story is, there’s is power in prayer and God answers prayer.

Let’s count our blessing instead of complaining! There’s more God wants to give and do in our lives.

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