Pakistani Guy Shared His Anger To All Filipina Women!

All Filipinas were implicated to the anger of this Pakistani guy after sending money to his Pinay girlfriend because his father was allegedly admitted in the hospital. But the moment she received the money, she blocked him! Ouch!

Filipina women are known all over the world to be beautiful, caring, loving, and accommodating. These are the attributes that captivate foreign guys. But one woman slightly disgraces this reputation after doing this disappointing act.

This Pakistani guy lashed out his anger on social media, addressing it to all Filipina women. He shared on Facebook the screenshots of his chat messages and video calls with a Filipina.

Arshad Jutt Karlo, a Pakistani national, said that her girlfriend identified as “J Ann” was asking him help because his father was in the hospital and not in a good condition. When the Pakistani did not understand her subtle plea for help, she told him directly that she needed money for her father.

To prove that he’s serious about J Ann, he didn’t hesitate and hurriedly sent her money. The woman was able to receive the money that she needed for her father after asking the code from her Pakistani boyfriend. But upon taking the money at the remittance center, the woman told him she would go to the hospital.

But after that, he could no longer reply to the conversation, and that meant she had blocked him. While the Pakistani guy did not indicate how long they had known each other or how long they had been in a ‘relationship’, it must have been long enough for him to trust the woman that he would readily send her money.

The Pakistani guys wrote: “I’m angry all Filipina girls she received money will block me See my all post picture [crying emojis])”

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