Experts Believed That Dogs Have The Ability To Recognize A Bad Person.

Aside from being a man’s best friend, dogs are also real detectives, science says.

For years, many of us probably debated if dogs can really recognize a bad person. We trust our dogs to protect us against wrongdoers which is one of the reasons why we get them. But do you think your dog trust you too?

According to Bright Side, a recent study shows that dogs have the ability to analyze how reliable a person is and know how to recognize a bad person, making them a real ‘detectives.’

Akiko Takaoka of Kyoto University in Japan, together with his colleagues, wanted to confirm if a dog would trust a person who lied to it or understand whether or not the person was untrustworthy.

They divided the experiment into three parts. The group of scientists claims that the research has a potential implication in dogs’ behavioral studies. According to John Bradshaw with the University of Bristol, the study shows us that dogs prefer this world to be certain.

First, the dog owners would first point to a container with food. The dog would run to it. Then a container without food would be pointed at. The dogs were tricked and approached the container.

It was believed that dogs would run to an object their owner would point at, confirming that dogs are able to understand the human gesture. If the gestures are inconsistent, dogs tend to become nervous and stressed.

In the third time, the dogs would not follow the pointing hand. The 34 dogs took part in the experiment and all of them have the same result, they don’t believe the liars. Pooches will use their previous experience to know that a person was unreliable.

Also, the current experiment proves that dogs are curious about new things and have control over how other people interact with their owners. It also showed that dogs don’t trust people who are rude and aggressive to them.

Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews reported that dogs clearly read the communication between their owners and strangers. They are particular on social rules and avoided the people who mistreated their owners. Moreover, it is also proven that dogs are able to read our gestures and facial expressions.

According to studies, dogs are mostly live in the present without having much consideration for the past or future.

This article originally from Bright Side.

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