One Student Ride The Wrong Jeep, Kind Jeepney Driver Refused To Get Her Fare.

As the saying goes, “no act of kindness, small or big, is ever wasted.” No matter how small or big an act of kindness could be, what really matters is the intention of the heart. Beyond showing off or just be called as kind, kindliness should be pure and out of love. With that in mind, this kind jeepney driver went viral after doing this to a student.

In the hassle and bustle streets of big cities, it’s inevitable to take a wrong bus or jeep. Unless you will catch a taxi, a Grab or Uber ride, it’s really hard to catch another ride if you happen to ride a wrong vehicle, not to mention the additional fare.

One netizen named Lan Smith Bulaclac witnessed a heartwarming scenario between a kind jeepney driver and a student. He took a photo of the driver and shared the story on social media.

Image: Facebook/Lan Smith Bulaclac

According to the netizen, one student made the mistake of taking the wrong jeep in Dinalupihan, Bataan.

The student was heading to school and supposed to take a ride that would bring her to school, Eastwood College. She only realized that jeep she rode was wrong when the jeep is already heading towards the market.

Upon realizing, she asked the driver for her change.

Student: Manong Yung sukli po nung 50 Student po.

Driver: Naku Mam hindi po dadaan yung jeep doon eto po yung pera nyo wag na po kayo magbayad magtricycle nalang po kayo papunta nang eastwood.

Student: Naku manong salamat po.

The netizen was greatly impressed by what he witnessed, saying he was proud that the people of Dinalupihan are like this. Many netizens were also impressed by the kind jeepney driver who identified him as Tomas Bustillo. Some said that he is really a good-natured man.

God bless you Tatay Tomas!

Source: Facebook/Lan Smith Bulaclac

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