Boyfriend’s Creative Take In The Pinoy Henyo Game Earns Him A YES From His Girlfriend

Marriage is considered as one of the most important moments of a person’s life, especially for women. In the Philippines alone, getting married is a big event. People gather to congratulate and to witness the union of the husband and wife.

But before we hear the wedding bells, an engagement must come first. Lately, a lot of young couples are into surprise engagements.

From pranks turn “I do’s” to themed ones like the viral Avengers proposal, it seems that a lot of boyfriends and partners still have many tricks under the sleeves. And one of this is Yael Makkar Mendoza.

If you are familiar with Eat! Bulaga’s “Pinoy Henyo” game, you will surely find this proposal funny, romantic, and creative.

[Image Credit: Pinoy Henyo Wikia]

The Pinoy Henyo Proposal

In what was supposed to be a barkada night turns into a memorable night for couple Joni Ellazar and Yael Makkar Mendoza.

In a Facebook video posted by Allan Miguel Abara, Yael took the Pinoy Henyo game to the next level. With a thorough plan to propose to his sweetheart, Yael enlisted the help of his friends to pull up the surprise.

[Image Credit: Allan Miguel Abara / Facebook]
At the party, their friends pretended that they will play a round of Pinoy Henyo, with the couple as the first contestant.

The two eagerly joined in, while Joni did not know that the game will change her life.

Unaware of what is going on, she asked her boyfriend the standard questions to solve the puzzle while the group was cheering.

[Image Credit: Allan Miguel Abara / Facebook]
As the time ran out, the crowd’s cheers turned louder and louder until the future bride got to read the words on the board.

Yael knelt down, with a ring in his hands.

[Image Credit: Allan Miguel Abara / Facebook]
Watch the funny yet creative and romantic proposal here:

Posted by Allan MiguelAbara on Saturday, September 22, 2018


If you are in Joni’s place, will you also say yes to the proposal?

We’ll definitely say YES!

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