Mourning Bride Went To Her Fiance’s Grave On The Day Of Their Supposed Wedding Day.

For every man and woman, a wedding is a dream they really look forward to. Some even have this wild imagination of what their wedding should look like, having this fairytale-like concept. While some are excited to finally go to the altar and confessed their love in front of God and to their family and guests, this mourning bride went to her fiance’s grave instead.

A wedding is the most anticipated day for every couple. It is a sacred union of two hearts madly in love with each other who finally decided to make a family of their own. One of them is Jessica Padgett from Indiana. But her story is different from other couples who finally tied the knot.

Jessica said that her wedding day was special even though she didn’t get to marry the Kendall, the ‘man of her dreams’ after he passed away because of a car accident.

Since June 2016, Kendall Murphy is a firefighter for Montgomery Volunteer Fire Department. His colleague, Colby Blake, crashed his vehicle into three cars as they responded to a call that resulted into his untimely passing.

Blake is reported not injured but allegedly had a blood alcohol level of .21% which is more than double the legal limit of .08. He was charged and arrested but the case is yet to be set for trial.

Ten months after the tragedy, the mourning bride courageously wore her wedding dress with her hair and makeup done. She marked the date herself on what should have been their big day. Jessica was pictured holding a bouquet of flowers as she paid an emotional visit to Kendall’s headstone.

Jessica tearfully knelt beside her fiancé’s grave in honor of his late fiance. Her head was resting on her hands before Murphy’s family gathered around her as they all knelt down in front of his grave.

“I wanted to be where he was at,” Jessica said.

Jessica wrote on Facebook:

“I can’t say thank you to everyone enough for this entire week! I feel beyond spoiled and loved. This week wasn’t the outcome I wanted, but everyone made me feel especially loved. I especially want to thank my sister for being my rock throughout everything, through the tears and the late night talks I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you, everyone, for making my wedding day special even though I didn’t get to marry the man of my dreams.”

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