This Is A Post Of A Heartbroken Girl Who Lost Her Boyfriend After 7 Years.

Not all love story has a happy ending. It’s sound bitter but it’s the truth. Most of us probably have this ongoing imagination of what our relationship should look like and we badly wanted to live in it more than just dreaming of it. This is a post of a heartbroken girl who lost her boyfriend after 7 years.

As we can see in movies, not all romantic films ended up in a happy ever after and this is not something we expect to watch. Let’s face it, though we badly wanted to have a happy ever after with someone we love, let’s also not neglect the possibilities that may come along the way. What I am trying to say is, a sad love story is as real as a happy ending.

Recently, a viral post of a heartbroken girl who lost her boyfriend after 7 years went viral on social media. One Facebook user named Eina Jane Pineda posted a lengthy post about her real-life tragic love story. She couldn’t believe that in just one blink, their loving relationship with her boyfriend will suddenly disappear like a thin air.

On her bittersweet post, Pineda narrated in honor of her late boyfriend Ryan Bairoy who lost his life from an unfortunate incident.

According to her, their begun when Ryan tried getting her attention in grade school which he successfully did. She started to develop a crush on him as time passed by. But after graduating in elementary, the two were not able to see each other.

Thanks to their common friend in high school, Ryan and Eina once again meet. They handed each other’s phone number and until Ryan finally courted her. In 2011, their love story started to roll.

Ryan dreamed to be a seafarer that why he chose to pursue Marine Engineering in college as a scholar. She witnessed his dedication and hard work until he finished his degree. When Ryan graduated, he started to build a bright future for them.

As far as his profession is concerned, the two need to endure a long-distance relationship during his preparation to duty on a ship for the first time. In 2017, he fulfilled his ultimate goal to become a full-pledged seaman and everything seemed to fall into place.

The two had plans for their future and despite the distance, they never failed to make each other feel loved. But one fateful day, on October 7, 2018, Ryan was involved in a tragic car incident. Ryan fought for his life in the hospital but later didn’t survive because of multiple brain injuries and leg fractures.

At that moment, all their plans and dreams for each other vanished. Until now, Eina tried to convince herself that Ryan was gone and need to move forward. Through her post, she was able to reminisce their beautiful story.

Many netizens were touched by the tear-jerking love story and they also expressed there deepest condolences.

Read the post whole post below:

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