This Guy Interrupted A Bride While Walking In The Aisle.

Wedding is the most anticipated day for every couple. This a very special moment and also a huge step for couples who wanted to bring their relationship to a whole new level. Women, in particular, have this wild imagination of their wedding especially walking in the aisle. However, many got shocked and enraged after a guy interrupted a bride while walking in the aisle.

A wedding is a sacred union of two persons in love, becoming one. There are a lot of diverse wedding traditions all over the world that vary greatly between cultures, ethnic groups, religions, countries, and social classes. That includes exchanging vows, giving of gifts or dowry, a public proclamation of marriage by an authority, and so on.

In some countries, special and customed wedding garments are worn, the ceremony is followed by a wedding reception, prayers, reading of religious texts or literature is done, poetry and music were played.

As marriage is an important event to others countries, so as here in the Philippines. But instead of congratulations and best wishes, this particular wedding enraged many netizens after a guy interrupted a bride while walking in the aisle in her wedding day.

In the viral video, you can see the church doors opens for the bride. She must be so ecstatic and nervous at the same time. As she walks down the aisle, a man, probably a gay, came out nowhere. He suddenly went to the bride and started lifting her veil. Technically, this is not his job, it’s the job of the groom before the officiating minister says “you may kiss the bride.”

Unfortunately, the guy ruined the most lovely and memorable moment of the bride not to mention him holding the bride’s veil while walking in the aisle and accidentally steps on the bride’s dress. How disrespectful act in a solemn and sacred occasion.

Thanks to the bride who just laughed it off but evidently, she’s also holding her emotions because of what the guy did. She just chooses to keep her composure instead of lashing off and ruined the whole the rest of her wedding day.

This disgusting act drew flak from netizens and was enraged. As of writing, the video earned 7.1K reactions, 5.4K shares, and 736K views.

Watch the video of this guys interrupted a bride while walking in the aisle below:

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Posted by Sirj Lawrence on Friday, October 5, 2018

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