Husbands Finds Out His Wife Having An Affair On Google Street View.

Google Maps and Google Earth has this featured technology called Google Street View that provides panoramic views from positions along many streets in the world. The Street View imagery makes people see streets, cities, and even rural eares worldwide, available in blue lines on Google Maps. Through this Google Street View, a husband finds out his wife having an affair through this tech and eventually divorce her.

According to reports, this man from Lima, Peru caught his wife cheating with another man on Google Maps. While checking the best route to get to the famous landmark called Puente de Los Suspiros de Barranco – Bridge of Sighs of the Ravine, he spotted a familiar figure. When he zoomed in, he saw a woman sitting on a bench, stroking the hair of a man lay his head in her lap.

The Google maps technology was designed to blur all “identifying information” such as license plates, properties, or faces. However, this guy instantly recognized the woman because of the outfit she’s wearing, turned out to be his wife possession.

Taking a closer look, the man realized it actually was his wife with an anonymous male. The photo was taken by a Google camera car dated back to 2013. He confronted his wife with the Google Street View picture as ‘evidence’ of her unfaithfulness. The woman admitted to having an affair with the anonymous man and the couple eventually divorced.

In fact, this is not the first time someone was caught red-handed. So for unfaithful spouses and partners, this might be a warning for you! LOL.

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