Four Kids Rescued A Little Lamb After Being Trapped In An Underground Tube

When we were kids, our teacher always taught us some farm animals nursery rhymes. That includes kid’s all-time favorite old Mcdonald, The Farm Song, Baa Baa the black sheep and the little lamb owned by mary. Speaking of lamb, these four kids rescued a little lamb after being trapped in an underground tube.

Unlike any other animals, sheep and lamb are not domesticated animals and the most uncommon animals to see around. To see them, you need to visit a farm or a zoo so you could have a chance to meet them. Kids do love sheep and lambs because of their furry and fluffy bodies. Some children even consider them as clouds with a head and legs on earth.

Do you remember when your parents told you when you are a kid to count sheep in our head as we go to sleep? Well, it’s a useful tool to make our eyes fall asleep.

Sheep has curious and playful characteristics that sometimes lead them into dangerous situations. With that in mind, one video recently made rounds on the internet that features these fours kids rescued a little lamb.

On the first part of the video, you can see a large tube buried in the ground. You could only see a small part surfaced but the rest of it is still underground. It was clear that it was dug purposely and we can also see that the tube has been sliced open on its side.

There are also some pairs of feet standing next to the dug-up hole, and two pieces of crowbar trying to claw out the sliced part of the tube. We can also hear conversations from behind the camera that makes us assume that these kids trying to rescue an animal stuck in the tube.

These four kids tried to claw the tube open but it was too hard to give in. The children’s mother was also in the site of the incident so she tries to use an electronic to slice another part of the tube. When the tube finally opened, a poor black little lamb was there waiting to be rescued.

Thanks to these four kids who are overly happy about what they did.

Watch these four kids rescued a little lamb below:

Omg 😍😍 Please watch this

Omg 😍😍Please watch this now:

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