One Untidy-Looking Boy Mistaken For A Snatcher Taught This Netizen An Inspiring Life Lesson.

“Don’t judge the book by its cover.” I know we almost heard this quote for a million times but this always teaches a valuable lesson in life. Just what exactly happened to this one untidy-looking boy mistaken for a snatcher.

Recently, one netizen shared her brief encounter with a kid who taught her an inspiring lesson after talking to him. Diane Alcarmen narrated what happened through a lengthy post when she and her daughter had lunch that day in a fast food restaurant.

Alcarmen was worried because people might make an untidy-looking kid transfer from his spot. Aside from the crew talking to him, this little fella was alone. A few moments later, seemingly well-off family from abroad sat near his table. However, she felt annoyed when one of these people viewed the child as a snatcher.

Upon hearing them accusing the kid, Alcarmen offered the kid to transfer seat on their table. When she got the chance to talk with him, she learned the sad story of the 12-year-old boy named Jairus.

Unfortunately, Jairus has no mother and he’s only living with his brother. Both of them works as street sweepers for a living. The kid was smiling all throughout their conversation, wondering why people accused him of having an ill intention.

Diane also learned that Jairun will be celebrating his birthday in November so she handed her phone number. She instructed the boy to contact him when his birthday comes. Before parting ways, Dianne bought Jairus and his brother delicious meal.

Read the whole post below:

She was also happy when she learned that one kind crew at the fast food told him to return the next day and have another lunch.

Diane felt so disappointed with the judgemental family who thought that Jairus was a snatcher. However, it teaches her a valuable lesson in life and was delighted after knowing that a kind crew has the heart to help the kid.

Many netizens praised her for doing such a kind gesture to the young boy. But judging from the photo, the untidy-looking boy mistaken for a snatcher have good looks and seemingly raised in a well-off family.

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