Concerned Netizen Inspired Many By Helping This Poor Elderly Man

No matter how we tried to make our lives right and do right, there are still people who will criticize us and consider our good deeds a mess. To survive this kind of society, we must live our lives not dependent on what people say, especially when we know that we don’t harm others. With that in mind, a concerned netizen inspired many by helping this poor elderly man who despite his good deed, he was called crazy.

For some people, saying mean things to others is natural. They just don’t care if you are hurt or what. As long as they say what’s on their mind, it’s your decision to get hurt or just let it slipped. But despite these degrading truths about people, we are still witnesses of beautiful and inspiring moments that disagrees on that.

Recently, Marie Espiritu and a couple of other people who decided to brighten up an elderly man’s day. There are rumors and stories that this particular poor, elderly man wasn’t treated well by those around him. Some believed that he’s out his mind that why they avoided this senior citizen.

Some claimed that the elderly man had mental problems even if all he did was clean streets and collect junk. But because Marie met her before his celebration, she doesn’t want him to feel alone and lonely.

To surprised him, Marie and her group of friends bought a cake and celebrated the elderly man’s special day. Judging the video, the man was totally surprised and happy. The man was totally touched with their kind gesture despite what people talks and say about him. The man’s genuine smile could’ve lit up a dark room.

The concerned netizen inspired many by helping this poor elderly man. This inspires us and also reminds us that being generous and kind should be available for all. Regardless of gender, age, looks, or status in life, everyone deserves it.

As of writing, the post earned 9.6K reactions, 1.7K shares, and 1 million views.

Watch the video below:

Posted by Marie Espiritu on Friday, October 12, 2018

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