PITX: The Country’s First High-End Land Transport Terminal That Feels Like An Airport

Metro Manila is known not just as the capital city of the Philippines but also because of the heavy traffic. EDSA, in particular, is one of the places where traffic is massive and degrading. In addition to that, the World Health Organization recently reported that dreading traffic causes health problems for people. But worry no more! The country’s first high-end land transport terminal is coming in November.

Thankfully, the government is weighing different options to deal with the traffic problems and give people a smooth, easy riding experience. Now, the country’s first high-end land transport terminal is built to avoid commuters to go to different terminals in Manila called the PITX (Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange).

The government signed a public-private partnership agreement with MWM Terminals Inc. three years ago to build and operate the Southwest Integrated Terminal Exchange (SWITEx), the country’s first intermodal land transport terminal. Megawide Chairman and CEO Edgar Saavedra said in a statement released on October 1 that the facility is set to open anytime soon.

“In the fourth quarter, we will be opening one of the government’s flagship projects, the Parañaque Integrated Terminal Exchange or PITX. This will be the country’s first landport, which will have numerous transport connections serving passengers from the southwest of Metro Manila while helping to address the worsening problem of traffic congestion.”

The PITX is the first high-end land transport terminal in Manila to cater routes going from and to Manila, Cavite, and Batangas. The basic aim of the terminal is to help decongest EDSA and other Metro Manila roads from provincial buses to start and end their trip at the terminal instead of dropping off or picking up passengers.

According to articles, the terminal has airport-like features. The entire terminal is air-conditioned, equipped with video screens and charging stations, and would offer free WiFi for passengers. Also, there are retail outlets and fast-casual restaurants opening after the terminal begins commercial operations.

Moreover, luggage carts will also be offered for the commuters convenience and ushers and usherettes will also be available in the entire terminal.

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