This Guy Left His Family For A Foreigner Woman!

One of the greatest gifts we received from God is family. For every man or woman, a family was the greatest blessing they could hope for. This kinship is a safe haven consist of parents, children, and siblings. But while this the greatest blessing, when a family has been destroyed, this is also the biggest tragedy. This guy left his family for a foreigner woman is this is exactly what I am talking about.

Recently, a story of a family has been making rounds on social media and touched the heart of the social media users. This is a story of a guy left his family for a foreigner woman. The post was shared by Maica Tidoy on her social media account, his wife.

According to her, she was greatly affected by what happened to her and Michael, her husband, for seven years and blessed with two children. Maica revealed that she was very hurt and broken because his husband, working as an OFW in China, had another woman, turned out to be a foreigner woman.

On her post, it was a bittersweet goodbye for her to let go and to forgive her husband. Instead of hating her husband and his other woman, she is very kind of sending them her sincere forgiveness. What she only asks is that her ex-husband will not forget their children.

For some cases, battered wives always take revenge as a response on the infidelity of her husband. Maica was indeed very strong and loving that she would wish her ex-husband well despite the hurt he had caused him.

We couldn’t say that she will not undergo those nights crying in pain. But we hope that when times and years go by, she will recover and gain strength to this hurtful and painful event in her life. Let’s also consider that this is not just all about them, their children will also suffer the loss and brokenness.

Apparently, Maica is a loving wife and mother. We are assured that she will fill the emptiness and love her children unconditionally as she considers them as a great blessing from God.

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