Uninvited Dancing Kid Amused Everyone With Her Moves While Watching A Party At Jollibee.

When we were kids, we always dream and wanted to have a birthday party or at least attend a birthday party. With all these party decorations, foods, and invited guests, our childhood is considered complete. But not in the case of this uninvited dancing kid who amused everyone with her moves while watching a Jollibee party.

Most of you could probably agree that there are times where we are caught in an awkward situation wherein we want to join a party or an event but was not invited. What did you do or reacted when you are in that situation?

Recently, one kid was tagged as ‘uninvited dancing kid’ because of her adorable reaction to a Jollibee party though she was not invited.

This unnamed little girl was seen outside a Jollibee party venue dancing while the Jollibee mascot dances. The netizen named Vina Piencenaves Anasco who captured the amusing scene caption the post with a joke:

“Yung alam mo yung sayaw pero hindi ka invited.”

Many netizens find the video so amusing and adorable. Some even say that this uninvited dancing kid deserves to be given her own Jollibee party or at least be invited because obviously, she is a Jollibee fanatic. Many also admire her for she knows how to make the most of the situation. Though she wasn’t invited, still, she managed to enjoy.

The viral video which had gained over 1.4 million views since it was posted a week ago.

Watch the video of this uninvited dancing kid below:

Yung alam mo yung sayaw pero hindi ka invited😄😄😄👏👏👏

Posted by Vina Piencenaves Anasco on Sunday, September 30, 2018

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