Newlywed Fireman Left Wedding To Save A Family From Fire.

Wedding is one of the most anticipated days in a person’s life. From that day a person got engaged to the process of planning the wedding, the couple always makes it perfect as possible. When that most special day finally arrived, everyone makes sure that everything will go smoothly and uninterrupted. But for this newlywed fireman, he’s willing to leave his wedding to do his duty.

Jeremy Bourasa, a 39-year-old fireman from Cottage Grove, Minnesota, was married to her long-time girlfriend, the 32-year-old Krista Boland, held at the fire station of St. Paul Park Fire Department.


The long-time partners decided to get married at the fire station for this means something a lot for them especially because Jeremy had decided to become a fireman after Krista lost her sister’s house as well as a nephew and a niece in two separate house fires.

Days before the wedding, they had mulled the possibility of what if there would be a fire call. However, they just shrugged it off as something that would probably not happen.



On their wedding day, the two had a dramatic entrance aboard a firetruck. After the wedding ceremony, the wedding party was enjoying a photo shoot with wedding photographer December Orpen when the fire call came in. Then everyone immediately knew about the fire call.

“At first I looked at him like, ‘No, don’t even think about it,’ and he wasn’t going to think about it,” Krista revealed.

“But then, we were taking a couple more pictures and I could actually hear how bad the fire was. It was the city next to us that needed help, so it was an ‘all-call,’ where they call for extra men.”

Krista knew that she married a fireman whose job is to protect everyone in need. So she relented and gave hu her blessing to go and save a family from a house fire.

He then immediately change his wedding clothes to his uniform and left in the same fire truck that had dramatically brought them to the wedding venue.

Many praised the couple for that selfless act, despite the fact that it’s their wedding day. Also, everyone calls the newlywed fireman a hero for leaving his wedding to save lives.

Watch the video of the newlywed fireman saving lives below:

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