Kind Guy Never Hesitated To Give These Poor Kids Money To Buy Food.

Nowadays, what we usually see in the news are crimes, corruptions, and all these bad things that make us ask ourselves if good-natured people still exist. As the world became dark, we need to do something to restore the light and faith in humanity. As an example, this particular guy never hesitated to give these poor kids money to buy food, a living proof that goodness still runs in human veins.

Poverty is the primary culprit of the current situation of most families in the Philippines. This cripples the dream not just of the adults, but especially of every child. To say the least, poverty is a robber of dreams and future, of course, the cause of hunger and starvation to most families.

In the video posted by a Facebook user named Tom Daniel, he was seen giving a P1,000 to poor kids to buy food.


According to the post of this concerned netizen, he saw the poor children while their parents left for work to earn for a living and make ends meet. Without any hesitation, he gave P1,000 to the children without any hesitation and told the poor kids to use the money to buy rice.


The prices of every basic necessity are getting higher and higher which is a great struggle for every Filipino family. Though they work hard to earn money, their income is not enough for their daily needs, ended up eating twice a day or worst, going to sleep with an empty stomach.

Thankfully, the government is making all the efforts to deal with this unending issue and somehow ease the struggle of most Filipino families. Our country’s success is underway.

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Watch the video of this guy never hesitated to give these poor kids money below:

Posted by Tom Daniel on Friday, October 5, 2018

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