Guy Who Pranks Her Mom Immediately Regret What He Did!

April 1st is the April Fools Day. The craziest part of the year where people planned shocking and hilarious pranks on the target person. We can prank any of our friends, family, and loved ones, just choose who’s your target. However, don’t be like this who pranks her mom and immediately regrets what he did afterward.

In the viral Pilipino News features a guy who pranks her mom. It all started when the son texted her mother a big and an unexpected news. He blurted out that he got his girlfriend pregnant.


Being so surprised of what his son texted her, the mother was enraged by the revelation and even decided to kick his son out of their house.


Alarmed with his mother’s sudden decision, the son immediately confessed that he was making up stories and was all part of the celebration of April Fools. However, his mother is still angry and can’t move on about the ‘accidental pregnancy’ prank.


His mom responded that he was adopted and this ‘truth’ surprised and confused him. He became so sad and didn’t even know what to reply to his mom. But, a few minutes later, the mother texted again telling him that she was just pulling another prank as her revenge for what her son did to her.

This funny conversation caught the attention of the netizens. Everyone was so amazed at how clever the mother’s revenge was. So if you are planning to prank your mom, be sure to expect the unexpected. Friendly reminder: “Don’t mess with your mom.”

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