Young Girl Fills His Dad’s Car With Drawings. Instead Of Getting Angry, He Was Amazed!

Most of us probably dream to drive a car of our own, especially those expensive and top of the line cars. We are all aspiring to own one of those famous brands of cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, BMW and many more. This particular dad owns a car. But to his surprise, this young girl fills her dad’s car with drawings.

Every car owner wants their car to be good-looking and in good condition. However, not all men have this kind of attitude. Just like this dad from Taiwan who allows his daughter to make his car a canvass for drawing.

The father identified as Mr. Yang uploaded on Facebook some of his favorite car that was almost covered with drawings of his daughter.

Typically, most dads turned into a monster when they saw small dents, scratch or dirt on their car. But to Mr. Yang, he doesn’t care, instead, consider it as a beautiful art whom he can be proud of.

For him, the painting his beloved daughter draw is an important part of her childhood memories and it should be valued and cared. He also added that this memory will be carried and remember until she gets old.

Some of the drawings on the car was a whole family painting with a huge cloud above it. On the drawing, it was also mentioned the information about their family. On the left side is about her late grandfather. The drawing is not just a simple drawing but also relates the meaning of every member of the family.

The next painting is a popular cartoon character from the famous anime series Dragon Ball. Her way of painting is quite unique and the outcome was good.

It was so inspiring how Mr. Yang loves his daughter as well his promise that he will never erase the drawings. For him, it is wealth that should be greatly valued and cared of.

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