Dog In Taiwan Got So Fat After Being Fed Too Much At The School.

H. Jackson Brown Jr. once said, “Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” This reminds us that giving is more important than receiving. But let’s also remember that excessive goodness might be harmful for some reasons. With that in mind, this dog got so fat after being fed too much at the school.

Meet, “Lil White Socks”, a guard dog in Wenhua Elementary School, one of the Taiwanese primary schools. In the pictures, we can clearly see that he’s not only obese but also overweight. Most probably see it cute and huggable but the overweight dog has its own risks especially to its health, especially its joints and physical activities.

Netizens say that this dog in Taiwan got so fat after being constant feed not only by the students but also other school personnel. Now, the fat dog weighs more than 110 pounds and that’s beyond the normal level. Students said that the dog was rescued 8 years ago.

Many got worried about its health that prompted them to implement the “no feeding” rule. They encourage the students and teachers to play or walk with the dog so it can help exercise its muscles and limbs.

One picture shows that the dog looks sad, probably because he’s not allowed to eat other foods aside from his own. The fat dog is very famous at school that why they are feeding him and even got his own drawing placed in front of the school.

Watch the video below:

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