This Bichon Frise Will Be The Next Football Star!

We have seen a lot of videos on the internet featuring dogs that can do amazing tricks. To be able to learn a particular trick, it requires a constant practice and training to perfect such. With that in mind, this bichon frise will be the next football star after its video went viral on the web.

This bichon frise, a smaller breed dog is normally kept as an apartment pet due to its size and cheerful personality. Well, as space and equipment are limited in a small house, it is no wonder that this brown baby took it’s exercise time to the outdoors.

This tiny brown bichon frise caught the attention of the pedestrian’s attention because of its unique movements at the parking bay. When you look closer, the cute pooch is actually crisscrossing the parking railing by hopping from left to right and right to left.

This kind of action is a form of sports practice done by athletes to improve their footwork and stamina. This bichon frise probably find this low parking rail as its playground as it took a playful spin and exactly what humans do when exercising.

The person who took the video even joked, “this is a dog with a boring life…”.

No doubt, he will probably become a football superstar. In case the football league association is scouting for a new member, this enthusiastic bichon frise would probably take his training seriously! Keep up the good work buddy!

As of writing, the video gained 5.9K reactions, 18.9K shares, and 2M views.

Watch the video of this bichon frise below:



Posted by 萌寵樂園 on Saturday, July 21, 2018

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