Cute Cat Withdraw To A Corner After A Toy Soldier Attacked!

Aside from dogs, cats are one of the most common pets you would see in a household. They are known to be canine counterparts. Some people choose cats because they are pretty savvy and independent. Speaking of cats, this cute cat withdraw to a corner after she saw a toy soldier chasing her.

In what people consider as a controversial video, the Facebook page Trendzilla posed this video that features a cute grey cat. In the video, the kitten is seen at the corner while she looks at a blue moving soldier toy crawling toward her.

Apparently, many people didn’t see this video as sort of a joke or funny. In fact, the comment section of the post was flooded with furious comments as social media users thinks this is not the best treatment toward the kitten.

We could assume that the intention was just to shows how this cute this kitty is and there’s no harm involved at all. While others have been alarmed, other people put up jokes and relate themselves. One user even said, “This is me whenever I see a cockroach flying towards my direction.”

Some people commenting, especially animal lovers, that this is not a joke. Some of them even say that what would humans feel if they are caught in the same situation.

Others, however, are quick to defend what seems to be an outlandish thought bringing to light that the owner who most probably filmed the clip surely loves his or her pet and wouldn’t lay a single finger or let alone bring it emotional wounds. This is nothing but a lighthearted teasing.

As of writing, the post earned 16K reactions, 67K shares, and 3.1 million views.

Watch how this cute cat withdraw to a corner after a toy soldier attacked below:

This cat hahaha

This cat hahaha

Posted by Pinoy Rap Radio on Wednesday, August 1, 2018

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