Road Widening In Singapore Inspires Everyone!

As the years passed, our nature is rapidly depleting because of the selfishness and inconsiderate nature of people. Unlike before, changes in weather patterns are quite terrifying. Let’s face the fact that we, humans, are the main cause of these changes. But it’s not too late. This road widening in Singapore amazes everyone because it preserves trees instead of cutting them.

As the main culprit of these problems, we should know that we are also the solution. Instead of causing destruction to our mother nature, let’s discipline ourselves to make steps in decreasing the problem.

In Singapore, their government is the main institution leading the efforts of preserving what is left of mother nature. In a video uploaded by a Facebook user named Alex Leow, it can be seen that there is an ongoing construction on one side of a road at a certain area in Singapore.

But a tree was blocking the construction area. Instead of cutting the tree off, the workers decided to move the entire tree to a nearby location. First, they dug around the tree until only a small part of the soil surrounding it remained. Then, they moved the whole tree using a huge equipment.

It was too amazing to watch to the point that our faith in humanity is restored. These nature-loving country and citizens just prove that through a little effort, we can contribute to restoring the health and beauty of our nature and the planet we lived in.

Watch the video of road widening in Singapore below:

This is how trees can move about in Singapore!

Posted by Alex Leow on Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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