Hardworking Construction Worker Piles Countless Bricks And Carried It On His Back To The Rooftop!

Nowadays, finding a job is by chance. If you are fortunate enough, you got to work in a good-paying job. If not, you probably land in a minimum wage job that requires sweat and hard work. With that in mind, this particular man is doing a hard job just to make ends meet. This construction worker piles countless bricks and carried in on his back to the rooftop.

In the video uploaded on Facebook showing a frail-looking man who looks like a construction worker and was working on to pile countless bricks together. It came to the point when the pile of bricks was already too much that he needs to tie it all together and put it on his back.

He piles the bricks outside and when he comes inside, he’s already carrying heavy piles then climb upstairs. Judging how he climbs the stairs, he is slow probably because of the weight he carries on his back.

What made it sadder is the fact that he only wears slippers and it is dangerous for him because he might get pierced by a nail or any sharp object considering that he’s working at the construction. With the heavy piles of bricks on his back, he climbed all the way to the roof and when he was done, he was seen catching his breath.

I haven’t seen a person carry this heavy piles of brick and transport it from the ground to the roof. Obviously, this man needs money so regardless of the nature of work and the risk, he has no choice but to do it.

I know that most of us understand why he’s working hard despite the possible result it may cause to his body and health. This man just shows the reality of life, especially to those poor people who have no choice but to bear the pain of labor. They risk their lives and received a little pay which is inhumane.

People working in construction sites usually get in body injuries and respiratory problems. This man probably doesn’t care as long as he provides for his family and fill their empty stomach.

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Watch the video below:

محنت کیا ہے کوئی جانتا ہے اپ میں سے اس ویڈیو میں اپ کو محنت نظر آرہی ہے کیا

محنت کیا ہے کوئی جانتا ہے اپ میں سے اس ویڈیو میں اپ کو محنت نظر آرہی ہے کیا

Posted by Unique World on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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