Two Guys Leveled Up The Way Of Planting By Using This Amazing Tool

From traditional ways and primitive tools, planting or gardening goes beyond conventional. Before, we could just use our bare hands or any tools in planting though it consumes time. But today, the ways and tools evolved. With that in mind, these two guys leveled-up the way of planting by using this amazing tool.

There are now all sorts of planting techniques and tools available that can help you make the best and most attractive use of your space in a small time of span.

Recently, two guys leveled up the way of planting by using this helpful tool. In the video posted on the Facebook page Video Feed, two guys have seen planting but what makes it amazing is the tool they are using.

The tool looks like a hole digging tool. This device has a hole in the middle where the other guy puts the plant in it. The moment the guy pulled up the planting tool, tadaa, the vegetable is planted.

With the use of this tool, planting in a wide area could only take not more than an hour I guess.

As of writing, the video gained 9.3K reactions, 2.1k shares, and 139 views.

Read some of the comments from netizens:

“Nice way of planting where place i buy that tools it’s amazing!”

“Wow to Work by Stirring ,fertilizing ,reaping just to raise crops from ,,Perfectly for Gardening”

“Yahh i like that thats an easy way to plant.”

“I wonder what plants are those… Anyone?”

“I better like the old way of planting😎😎”

Watch the video of two guys leveled-up the way of planting by using this amazing tool below:

Pretty Cool 😍

Posted by Video Feed on Thursday, August 30, 2018

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