Genius Daredevil Driver Pushes His Limits Driving The 90-Degree Downhill

Learning how to drive is not difficult. Especially nowadays, the newest release of vehicles have cool features that make driving more fun and easy. However, keeping safe on the road is a whole different thing. While some people struggle with driving even on regular roads, this daredevil driver challenges his own limit to show off his driving skills.

In a video posted on the Facebook page 7 Tag, a daredevil driver took his truck for a spin, driving it straight down a 90-degree downhill drive that would probably make any passenger scream in fear.

To show off his amazing driving skills, this daredevil driver made a custom-made 90-degree path. You might be asking if how could he do that without his pickup car tumbling down to the muddy area.

It can also be seen that the pickup truck was filled with a lot of things that acts as a counterweight. One guy acted a guide for the daredevil driver.

He guides the daredevil driver on how to navigate the tricky downhill drive to avoid one false move. He makes sure that the driver stayed within the narrow path and that the wheels won’t get stuck at the sides of the wall.

The pickup truck moves slowly as it begins to creep down the custom-made cliff path. Surely, people who are watching the video hanged at the edge of their seats, thinking if he can pull the trick off.

To everyone’s surprise, the driver was able to finish the challenge without any problems. Mission accomplished!

As of writing, the video earned 44 reactions, 52 shares, and 11K views.

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