Adorable Little Girl Caught Imitating The Conductor Inside The Church.

Every time we hear the word baby or toddler, nothing comes into mind but cuteness and a bundle of joy. At their age, they love to imitate the actions of people around. Just like this adorable little girl caught imitating the conductor inside the church.

Babies or toddler are natural copycats and on the stage where they love to learn about themselves. They tend to copy what people are doing and learn to do things in their way.

A video of a cute little girl recently won the heart of netizens as she was seen copying the conductor inside the church. The video was filmed by someone and posted on social media with the consent of the mother.

A conductor is someone who leads a choir or an orchestra by doing some hand movements. Each movement has its own metrical rhythm which the performers follow through. But in this case, this little girl seemed to steal the spotlight from the conductor.

In the video, the adorable baby was seen standing on the side of the choir as the music started. Facing the conductor, the baby begins to copy what the conductor was doing. The little girl seems so serious about what he is doing based on her facial expression.

Perhaps, this little young fella looks at herself as a real conductor too. Every move she does was in a very emotional manner as if she understands what the song means.


The whole choir was unaware of what the little girl was doing. As the song ended, the baby went back to being an ordinary child and looked like nothing happened.

Surely, the people in front of the choir saw what she was doing and might be laughing all the time. We won’t be surprised if this baby grew up and become a real conductor.

Watch the video of this adorable little girl caught imitating the conductor inside the church here:

baby girl imitates the chorister making the audience laugh hard

Posted by Jorge Abesamis on Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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