Guys Got Pranked By A Hot Woman Named “Carlos”.

A prank, also known as a practical joke, is a mischievous trick played on someone, resulting in embarrassment, confusion, and discomfort to the victim. The prankster or joker rather use different tricks and hoaxes than giving the victim money or valuable things. Speaking of practical joke, these guys got pranked by a hot woman named Carlos.

In European countries, people really love to play and watch football. This game is like basketball in the Philippines which is widely broadcasted and celebrated. During the game, people are getting wild because of excitement and cheering for their favorite team. To keep the hype up, hot girls are also there screaming. However, in this particular game, they were being set up for a hilarious prank.

On the viral video posted by Audio Memorabili, features guys got pranked by a hot woman named “Carlos.”

As the interview ended, they were kissed by a lady in sunglasses and the participators will be asked to give their names. After they give their names, the lady also gave her name in a deep voice and with a straight face saying, “Carlos.” All their eyes were widened and it elicited so much laughter.

These men couldn’t believe what they just heard and didn’t even suspect that something suspecting with this pretty woman. Thankfully, no one reacted violently and everyone took the prank as a good sport.

As of writing, the video gained 106K reactions, 192K shares, and 13M views.

“Still one of the funniest videos on the internet!” while another user quickly added ” have to rewatch this every time! pranks these days got nothing on this!” one user commented.

Watch the video of these guys got pranked by a hot woman named Carlos below:

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Posted by Audio Memorabili on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

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