A Dog Dancing While An Elderly Woman Sings In Her Wheelchair.

Dogs are so dear to humans. Ages have passed, pooches became the closest creature to humans and considered as man’s best friend. They are cute, lovely and loyal animals which are a few of the reasons why we love them so much. With that in mind, a viral video that shows a dog dancing while an elderly woman sings in her wheelchair is winning the hearts of many.

More than just a pet, dogs are considered as a part of the family. They are also considered as protector and companion. No one probably can’t deny their cuteness as they also bring joy to every family.

Recently, a trending video that features a dog dancing while an elderly woman sings in her wheelchair is circulating on the internet.


The dog is seen dancing in the tune of the singing of an elderly woman who is happily sitting in her wheelchair. The grandma was also seen in the video joyfully clapping her hands while singing.


Apparently, the pooch enjoys dancing to the rhythm of the woman’s clap and in the tune of her voice. While the dog adorably dancing, the elderly woman can’t help but laugh and enjoy the show of her dog.



The dog was identified as Coco, an adorable and cheerful dog that has a talent in dancing as its owner started clapping. Many got entertained by Coco’s talent.



The netizens were also touched by the spark seen on the elderly woman’s eyes while watching her dog perform. It seemed like the two have a really close bond.

As of writing, the video earned 435K reactions, 820K shares, and 34M views.

Watch the video of a dog dancing while an elderly woman sings below:

Dog Dances to Grandma's Singing

It looks like they’re having an amazing time! 😂🐶👵Credit: JukinVideo

Posted by NTD Television on Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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