Guy’s Fishing Turned Out A Disaster!

Fishing has been one of the past time for some people. With all methods available today, there’s no way you can catch fish even you’re not a pro. But this guy’s fishing turned out to be a disaster after something unexpected happen.

Nowadays, our daily struggles are somehow eased because of innovations and inventions available that make our lives easier and efficient. One way of testing its effectiveness is to use it. However, during the testing process, unexpected circumstances are inevitable.

With that in mind, one Facebook user named Jhune Lobo posted a video of a guy whose face wasn’t shown. The man is wearing a blue shirt while standing on the edge of what seemed to be a small pond.

Moments later, the man can be seen trying to catch fish using what looks like to be a gun. Typical methods in catching fish are to use a fishing rod or net. The guy uses an improvised gun to shoot fishes.

On his first attempts, it seemed that his way of catching fish is not effective. But the man seemed so determined to catch some until something unexpected happened.

He lost his balance and fell to the area covered with water. When the camera turned, it turned out that he was only standing on a small bridge made of bamboo. His companions helped pull him out of the water.

As of writing, the video earned 3.7K reactions, 9.6K shares, and 780K views.

Watch the video of the guy’s fishing turned out to be a disaster below:

Loko ka mai, makanyan man mikarugan ku keka haha.. Pro mesakit ku atchan keng ayli 'nimal!😂😂😂Siya po ang nabaril ng mga isda!😂😂😂

Posted by Jhune Lobo on Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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