This Slow Turtle Won The Race Against The Rabbit!

Have you ever heard the story of a turtle and a rabbit race back when you were a child? Well, you might suppose that the rabbit won the race against the turtle. Guess what, the slow turtle won the race against the rabbit and that probably surprise you. Let me refresh you with some childhood memory.

Once upon a time a Turtle and a Rabbit had an argument about who was faster. These two animals with varied skills agreed to have a race. Everyone might conclude that the outcome would be in favor of the rabbit but what actually happened is the opposite.

The two agreed on a route and started off the race. The rabbit stopped midway after seeing that he was far ahead of the turtle. He thought he’d sit under a tree for some time and relax before continuing the race. He sat under the tree and soon fell asleep. The turtle eventually overtook him and soon finished the race. The rabbit woke up and realized that he’d lost the race.

But did you know that the legend actually happened in real life now? In the video posted on Facebook, a certain group of people decided to conduct a race between a rabbit and a turtle. They started off the race and as expected, the rabbit immediately took the lead.

To everyone’s surprise, something unexpected happens midway. The rabbit suddenly stopped after reaching the middle part of the race. Many people were urging the animal to carry on as the turtle kept taking small steps toward the finish line. However, the rabbit stayed glued as if it didn’t hear anything.

In the end, the turtle takes small steps and work hard to finally come closer to the finish line. Eventually, he finished the race way ahead of the rabbit.

Some said that the moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race. However, the modern version of the story says that fast and consistent will always beat the slow and steady. Though it is good to be slow and steady yet, it’s better to be fast and reliable.

Also, the story teaches us to work in our competencies, to pool resources and working as a team will always beat individual performers, never give up when faced with failure, and lastly, compete against the situation, not against a rival.

Watch the video of the turtle won the race against the rabbit below:

Rabbit Vs Turtle Real Race

Posted by Humour Rumour on Saturday, December 16, 2017

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